Birdhouse - Tony Hawk Aviary Deck
8" Deck Professional quality skateboard 100% Canadian maple 7 ply deck Professional model skateboard deck
Black Label - Chris Troy Deck
DESCRIPTION: This Black Label skateboard deck uses top-quality materials and construction to provide long lasting pop. It features Blacklight technology; 7 plies of different thickness makes this deck stronger and lighter than the average deck. Show your support for Black Label with this Troy Chain Gang skateboard deck. Grip tape not included unless noted otherwise. FEATURES: Brand: Black Label Width: 8.25" Shape: Standard Construction: Blacklight Pro Model: Chris Troy
Cyclone - Longboards
We carry an assortment of complete Longboards from Cyclone Skateboard Company, a Local Ottawa Skateboard company. We have a mix of styles available at all 3 of our Kunstadt Sports Locations. All longboards come with standard 9 inch (chrome/black) or 10 inch (red/green) Cyclone trucks and abec 7 Cyclone bearings.   Longboards are constructed with either 7 ply Canadian hard rock maple, or 5 ply Canadian hard rock maple encased in an upper and lower layer of bamboo.     Green wheels – 70 mm, 82A Orange Wheels – 72 mm, 80A Purple Wheels – 75 mm, 82A     Pictured here are a few samples of what we have for sale.
Kebbek - Rockin Rookie Downhill Longboard
$197.99 $219.99
Inspired by the slalom skaters and their growing dominance at hills like Maryhill we put together a shortened wheel-base board that can hold its own at full speed yet be ready to dodge yappy Shitzus who jump out in front of you as you skate to the corner store for a box of rubbers. The continuous concave has a broad flat section in the middle which rises gracefully but quickly to the edge of the board for a locked and loaded sensation.   Length:  38.0” Width: 9.8” Wheelbase: options from 27.0" to 30.0 Features: 9/16" thick of canadian maple laminate, SC Concave, wheelwells, old school mounting holes. Sabre Trucks CULT RAPTURE 75a WHEELS
Ladera - Dragonslayer Longboard
$179.99 $199.99
Ladera Skateboards Dragon Slayer Complete Skateboard 9.75 x 40" Downhill 70mm 80a wheels
Stereo - Classic Arrows Deck
Stereo Classic Arrows Team Skateboard Deck Series. Maple Deck 8.25" W 14.25" WB Deck only
Toy Machine - Ed Templeton Yuk Yucks Deck
The eyes have it here. Toy Machine Yuk Yuck 8.0" skateboard deck with a special Ed Templeton twist
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