Erik Dinardo

Authored By Peter Kunstadt


Erik started at Kunstadt Sports in late December 2012. Yes, he is the Dinardo whose dad owns an Ottawa Ski and Bike store. Although he did not spend a lot of time in his father’s store growing up, he observed the technicians and taught himself ski tuning basics. His father's shop is know for advanced ski boot fitting.   Perhaps it's the genes, or he is a keen observer,  Eric is our leading boot fitter today, adjusting boot shells, liners and even producing custom-made foot beds. Erik taught skiing at Camp Fortune for three years. He learned very quickly that the people with proper equipment felt more comfortable and were able to improve their skiing faster. Erik is a Notre Dame High School graduate and studies to be a Computer Engineering System Technician at Algonquin College. Erik enjoys go-kart racing, downhill skiing and biking (all disciplines).



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