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Enjoy the ride - Kanata Lakes

Authored By Monica Landon

So you got yourself a new bike! A 29'er with all the bells and whistles: Front suspension, Shimano XT components, a carbon fiber frame and the shoes, pedals, and outfit that goes with it. Now all you need is some good rugged terrain to ride it!

For those of you looking to get on a 'mountain' without having to drive to one, Kanata Lakes is a great place to start. Located in the South March Highlands, it is a little bit closer than heading out to the Gatineau's and offers all terrain you need to get your fix. Kanata Lakes boasts over 20KM of trails lines by trees and rocks. The guys building the trails have done a great job making them sustainable and exciting for riders of all levels. Stones arranged in pathways take care of new rainfall, which gets us back on the trails faster after a downpour, and the wooden bridges keep us out of the deep mud and make for a better flowing trail. 

As for building on a relatively flat rock, you will find that Kanata Lakes has lots of ups and downs to test your skills. It also features a few different trails that are very well marked so you can easily find your way and stick to your comfort levels. 

The is everything in the trails in Kanata, from a beginner to an elite level rider, you will always find something to challenge your abilities. 

The trails have been worked on for years now. Kunstadt Sports used to run races in Kanata Lakes, but that was before people got serious about building trails in that area. Now lined by houses and side streets, Kanata Lakes grows more beautiful to the eye every year. Not only that, but every year there are people out there building on the already substantial length of trails offered, making new ones, and maintaining the old ones. Do your part to help out, pick up any litter you might see on your ride, or just keep the conditions thriving by not skidding your back tire around corners. Whatever you do, respect the trails and the hardwork that has gone into them, and most important of all, have a really fun time!


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