June 26, 2018 2 min read


Biking is a great way to stay in shape, have fun, and get outside. We reside in one of the most accessible bike cities in Canada, so biking is a key to living in Ottawa. But riding can come with unforeseen aches and pains! Here are our 3 tips to making your ride more comfortable.

The Saddle

It is important to have the correct saddle for you installed on your bike. Depending on the rider, and the style of riding, the saddle should be as comfortable as possible. For commuting and leisurely rides, try a saddle that is wider, with more padding or gel for compensate bumps, and vibrations from the road. For road bikers, try a sport saddle specific to your bike fit for best comfort!

The Grips

A very important part of making a ride comfortable, is the grips. The grips are one of the main points of contact for a rider. With most of the weight being put on the hands, it is important to get a grip that is comfortable. If you are having issues with your hands, try and ergonomic grip set. These allow for more area to be covered by the grips, making the point of contact larger for the riders hands.


It is important to understand how your body works with your bike. There are so many ways one can ride, but we must understand our own limitations. A leisurely rider does not need to be hunched over for speed, and a road bikers doesn't want to had a straight back. If you are finding your back and arms are getting tired, try raising your handlebars. You can also buy stem extenders to raise handlebars even higher than the max height! This will release the stress on your back and arms.