Staff Pick - Armada AR7

November 24, 2014 1 min read

The Armada AR7 is not only Armada's Flagship Park ski but one of the most durable skis on the market. The reason this ski is known for its durability is a combination of construction, design and quality materials. The ski features a full wood core that is over twice as thick underfoot as it is at the tips and tails, this gives the ski low swing weight and high durability. The extra thickness underfoot is also accompanied by a partial sidewall which adds durability and gives the ski better stability on ice and at higher speeds. Oversized and heat treated, hardened edges suffer less damage than conventional edges from sliding rails. Finally with a slightly narrower waist than most other park skis the AR7 can carve both in and out of the park like no other. I'm riding a pair this year, are you?