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Elan - 2017 Bloom1

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The Elan Bloom is a great first pair of ski boots for your little girl. The Bloom is made with U-Flex Technology that has ribs along the sole and a very easy to flex cuff. By having a boot that bends and moves with the minimal amount of pressure your daughter will learn to keep her knees over her toes in the proper position to help her get on the right track with a good stance right away. The Bloom uses a VCP (Volume Control Plate) to help the boot grow in size. The Bootboard can be flipped over or removed all together to help the interior of the boot expand up to three sizes.


Skill Range: Beginner-Intermediate



U-Flex Technology

Easy Entry

Volume Control Plate



Ski Boot Specifications

Ski Gear Intended Use: All Mountain

Forefoot Width: Junior Last

Actual Flex: 20

Flex Adjustment: No

Buckle Count: 1

Cuff Alignment: None

Ski/Walk: No

Warranty: One Year

Used: No

Skill Range: ?ÿ

Model Year: 2017

Model Number: 5BJB01 165

Product ID: 401852