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Ride - 2018 BURNOUT

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A team favorite, the Ride Burnout was constructed for freestyle performance but packs enough tech to perform on all areas of the mountain. Industry pros love the pop and response of the Twin Hybrid Camber profile with Flat Kick Tips. The Roll In and Carbon Slimewalls give the board superior strength and stability with reduced weight. Throw in Carbon Array 5 Laminates and Cleave Edge Steel and you have ridiculous response with unmatched resistance to edge cracking; while Double Impact Plates underneath the bindings improve compressive strength and prevent board breaks where it matters most. Shred it all and never hold back with the Ride Burnout deck.


Twin Hybrid Camber

Flat Kick Tips

Roll In Slimewalls

Carbon Slimewalls

Double Impact Plates

Carbon Array 5 Laminates

Cleave Edge Steel

Hybrid Glass

Performance Core

Sintered Base