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Ride - 2018 HELLCAT

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Built for speed, agility, turning and stopping on a dime. The Ride Hellcat women's snowboard features a Tapered Directional Hybrid Camber profile with a Performance Core, Carbon Slimewalls with Roll In Slimewalls, and Carbon Array 5 Laminates. Its slightly directional shape features rocker in the nose for floatation through bottomless powder and a camber zone underfoot for added pop and control. All these features come together to give you one of the most responsive and stable women's boards on the market with a softer flex. The Ride Hellcat is quick and nimble for total control on variable terrain so you can slay pillow lines and park features without ever batting an eye.


  • Tapered Directional Hybrid Camber
  • Roll In Slimewalls
  • Carbon Slimewalls
  • Double Impact Plates
  • Carbon Array 5 Laminates
  • Cleave Edge Steel
  • Performance Core
  • Hybrid Glass
  • Sintered Base
  • 2x4 Inserts