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Alpina 2020 Carat LE Visor HM Helmet

Nightblue/Denim Matt
Berry/Hearts Matt

Ski goggles can slip and pinch – a visor doesn’t. This is why Alpina’s Carat LE Visor HM offers children many advantages. It is easy to use, offers a lot of comfort and maximum protection. Along with the reliable fit, the Carat LE Visor HM from Alpina offers maximum safety and many features. The helmet is very lightweight yet sturdy thanks to the Inmold design. The polycarbonate shell connected to the Hi-EPS is unbreakable and scratch-proof, as well as UV-resistant and antistatic. The bottom edges of the helmet are also protected by the Edge Protect polycarbonate shell. The helmet is adjusted to the child’s head with the Run System so that it sits perfectly. A central dial allows the headband to be adjusted more loosely or more tightly. Combined with the micro fleece neck warmer and soft ear pads, the helmet is able to sit not just perfectly, but comfortably as well. To keep the helmet from slipping off the head, the helmet’s strap is secured under the chin with the Ergomatic strap buckle with red button and multi-step automatic adjustment. This strap buckle can be used even when wearing ski gloves, and can’t open itself in the event of a fall. The Carat LE Visor HM offers an all-around care-free package.