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Spyder - 2017 Girl's Nine Ninety Race Suit

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The Sypder Girls Nine Ninety GS Speed suit is back again for the 2016-17 ski season.


This padded ski race suit was made specifically with the needs of young, female athletes in mind.


For those just getting their start in ski racing, the Girl's Nine Ninety Race Suit is an ideal choice.


It's made of a slightly more affordable fabric which will pass the FIS 30mil porosity test but is slightly less stretchable.


Protective pads cover the forearms, upper arms, knees and thighs and are removable for easy laundering.


Fabric is cut and assembled to fit the body's countours for less drag


Front stretch zipper.


Thumb anchor straps keep sleeves in place


Kid's sizes


Made in Poland


Some of the photos we present may be of the DH, non-padded version.  Color and graphic representations are accurate.