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Wilson - Revolve 16


Wilson Revolve is a co-poly made with special additives to improve the otherwise harsh feel of polyester. It also features a unique low-friction molecular structure designed to help the strings snap back (for heavy spin). For our playtesters the most prominent feature of this string was how well it performed on big swings. The low-powered and predictable response may not be ideal for beginners, but for our playtesters it translated into very confident ball striking. Revolve's exceptional control came in no small part from its spin potential, a feature that earned a very impressive score from our team. We also found Revolve to be comfortable for a poly-based string, although it was not as soft as the majority of Double AR or Polyfibre co-polys. Another high point was tension maintenance, with both playtesters impressed by how long this co-poly stayed fresh. Ultimately, both of our playtesters consider this string to be a great option for the player seeking control, durability and spin.