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Babolat - 2017 Pure Strike VS

Introducing Babolat's Pure Strike VS! As a replacement for the Pure Control, this racquet blends the modern virtue of speed with some classic control and feel. At approximately 11 ounces strung, the Pure Strike VS is perfectly weighted for intermediate level players. It should also work well for the rising junior or improving beginner who wants a high performance racquet that will reward continued development. Boasting a thin 21mm Square Beam and moderate flex, this stick has better feel and feedback than the majority of racquets in its weight class. It offers the explosive acceleration found in the Pure Drive series, but it manages to deliver a softer, more comfortable response. From the baseline the Pure Strike VS is not only maneuverable, but it also offers an impressive level of accuracy on full cuts. The result is a racket that will give you the confidence to attack the ball and select more ambitious targets. The speedy feel also translates into easy access to spin. At net and on service returns, this stick comes around very fast, making it easier for you to position the racquet and execute an effective shot. Although the Pure Strike VS is balanced headlight, the mass in the head gives it decent stability for its light weight. This adds to the overall comfort nicely. With its controllable power, quick handling and great feel, Babolat has created a very user-friendly racquet for a wide range of players.