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Without a doubt, skiing is the sport of choice in the Kunstadt family. Our passion for skiing clearly shows.

We offer a wide selection of skis to meet the needs of all our customers. In the alpine ski department we have an impressive selection of skis. Whether you are new to the sport, or an experienced racer or freestyle skier, we have experts in all stores who will relate to you and speak your language. Our most prominent brands include Élan, Fischer, and Dalbello. New for this year are our freestyle brands Full Tilt, Line Skis, Armada and Liberty.We carry an excellent line of ski boots by Atomic, Dalbello, Alpina and others and bindings to match every possible ski design and skier ability.

We also carry a large selection of Nordic ski (A.K.A. Cross Country Ski)equipment in both the “classic” and “skate” ski varieties. You will find Alpina, Fischer, Atomic and other products on our shop floors. You will be impressed with our Nordic ski boots by Fischer and Alpina. We provide bindings to match all types of Nordic ski boots and skiing styles.