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Alpina 2020 Grap Visor 2.0 HM Helmet

Black Matt
White/Prosecco Matt
Ink/Grey Matt

There are many advantages to a visor helmet. It is comfortable and offers maximum protection as well as a maximum field of vision. The Grap Visor 2.0 HM also has the reliable fit of the Grap without a visor, a million of which have been sold. The Grap fits. That’s why Alpina uses the fit on the Grap Visor 2.0 HM, too. The Run System allows the helmet to be adjusted perfectly to the head, making sure it sits just right. Thanks to the large visor, a maximum field of vision is guaranteed and no disruptive air streams can get into the helmet. There is also enough space behind the visor to wear a normal pair of glasses. Soft ears with colourful accents and a neck warmer that wraps all the way around make it feel pleasant to wear. The interior and the ears can be removed and washed. Flattened, tear-shaped air vents create a comfortable climate inside the helmet. Thanks to the Inmold design, the helmet is very lightweight yet extremely sturdy. The polycarbonate upper shell is thermally bonded to the EPS granulate material of the helmet body under intense heat and pressure. This production technology allows for safer, lighter, slim helmets. The Grap Visor 2.0 HM’s superior fit, practical visor and many features give it the potential to become a classic, just like its brother, the Grap 2.0.