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High Performance Demo Daily Ski Rental

Original price $50.00 - Original price $50.00
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$50.00 - $50.00
Current price $50.00


At the following Kunstadt Sports location(s):

  • Bank & Heron

We are super excited to offer ski demos ranging from wide all-mountain to groomer-crushing skis for the 2022-23 season!

All skis come with bindings, and will be adjusted on the spot to be ready to go the same day.

DIN measurements are calculated using a combination of height, weight, age, skiing ability, and boot sole length by a certified technician.

Please ensure you bring one boot with you so these adjustments can be made. All demo skis will be tuned prior to being used.

*The $50 daily demo fee can be put towards the purchase of the same ski after the demo period*

DEMO SKI LIST Please call 613-260-0696 or email us to confirm availability.

Elan Amphibio 16 TI 160,166,172
Elan Amphibio TI2 Black Edition 172
Elan Insomnia 16 TI 152,158,164
Elan Ripstick 88 W 162
Elan Wildcat 82 CX 152,158
Elan Wildcat 82C 158
Elan Wildcat 86 C Black Edition 164
Elan Wildcat 86 CX 158,164
Elan Wingman 78TI 160,168,176
Elan Wingman 82 CTI 178
Elan Wingman 86 CTI 160,166,178
Fischer RC One 72 177
Fischer RC One 78 GT Powerrail 173,180
Fischer RC4 The Curv GT Racetrack 182
Nordica Enforcer Unlimited 94 179
Rossignol Experience 82 Basalt 168,176
Rossignol Experience W 80 C 150,158,166
Stockli Laser AX 167
Stockli Laser WRT 172
Volkl Deacon 72 168
Volkl Deacon 84 Lowride 167,172
Volkl Kendo 88 170,177
Volkl Mantra M6 184,191