Fischer - 2017 Sport Glass EF

Fischer - 2017 Sport Glass EF

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  • Type: Nordic Skis

All around classic skis for touring groomed trails. Light and narrow, they suit enthusiastic recreational skiers venturing into consistent snow. The wax pocket is designed to provide a direct kick action that takes less effort and doesn't require perfect ski technique.


Wood and fibreglass core has weight-saving air channels that also increase resistance to breaking and offer good pressure distribution.

Easy Kick Crown base has an optimized wax pocket pattern that comes into contact with the snow earlier for more direct, safer kick action.

Tail protector.

Power edges reinforce the ski to evenly distribute weight and ensure uniform wax wear.

Ultra tuning base has an offset base structure that allows for unrestricted gliding and makes the ski fast and suitable for all uses.

Bindings and mounting plates are not included on this model.