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Fischer 2022 RC ONE 78 GT TWIN POWERRAIL Ski + FIT40721 RSW 10 GW Binding

Skiing is about taking on new challenges and mastering different conditions on wide open, always changing slopes. Pursue your passion as fast and aggressively, or as easy and controlled, as you like. The new RC One collection utilizes performance enhancing developments like BAFATEX® and Shaped Ti to enable passionate skiers to ski exactly the way they want to and become better skiers. This collection is all about control and the smoothest, easiest ride you've ever experienced.


Easy turning and excellent control make the RC One 78 GT all about fun and action. Titanal reinforcement provides responsiveness and rebound, with Turn Zone design for a smooth ride.


Customer benefit:

  • Able to handle aggressive skiing
  • Agile and maneuverable
  • Very smooth with excellent responsiveness


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