Full Tilt - 2017 Classic

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The Full Tilt Classic remains a classic ski boot for the intermediate to advanced skier looking for a boot that has a narrow fit in the forefoot and leg. The Classic is made with the FTO (Full Tilt Original Shell) that has a 99mm last and lightweight Three Piece Shell that makes it a great boot for freestyle skiing or an all mountain boot for anyone looking for a low volume fit. The Wide Toe uses thinner foam in the front of the liner for a touch extra toe room, without compromising control. The Focused Intuition Liner is made with closed cell foam in the heel pocket for fantastic heel hold. Your body heat can accelerate the breaking in process or a ski shop can place them in a special oven to heat them up for a dialed in fit. The Classic has a Rigid Bootboard that gives you a firm layer on the bottom of the shell for true sensitivity of the snow, and a high amount of responsiveness. If you are looking for a boot that has a lightweight three piece construction, and a narrow fit for all mountain and freestyle skiing the Full Tilt Classic has seen many boots come and go in its day, but has stood the test of time.


FTO Original Shell

Focused Intuition Liner

Wide Toe

Rigid Bootboard

Lightweight Three Piece Shell

1876g/Pair (@27.5)

Best Fits a Narrow Forefoot and Narrow Leg Shape