Head - 2016 Graphene XT Radical MP

Head - 2016 Graphene XT Radical MP

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  • Type: Tennis Racquets

Slightly lighter than the Radical Pro, its bigger tour brother, the RADICAL MP now comes with the groundbreaking Graphene XT technology, which allows an improved distribution of weight and results in a more powerful game and an improved energy transfer. The most versatile racquet of the series also features a dynamic 16/19 string pattern for enhanced playability and spin. As energetic and colorful as your game, this one is made with the versatile tour player in mind, the RADICAL MP provides the perfect combination of power and handling.

WEIGHT (UNSTRUNG): 295 g / 10.4 oz


HEAD SIZE: 630 cm² / 98 in²


BALANCE: 315 mm / 1 in HL

LENGTH: Standard, 685 mm / 27 in

BEAM: 20/23/21 mm


This racquet comes unstrung by default, select a string type from HERE and we will string it for you at no extra charge!