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Head - 2017 Advantage Edge 85W

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Head like most brands makes 2 piece overlap ski boots, and tecnically they're new Advant Edge 125 is an overlap design but with a Cabrio feel.  The lower shell comes up higher along shin for a precise response and smooth progressive flex that hasn't been available in overlap boots until now.  Though the lower part of the shell comes up higher it is really easy to put on, honestly you can put it up against any other overlap that claims to be super easy to put on and I bet the Advantage is easier.  


Forward Flex / Boot Fit

A true 125 flex with a quicker response than most 125 flex ski boots.  


102 mm Last - This measurement refers to the internal width of the shell. 102mm suits mid-wide feet.


Form-Fit Shell - Heat moldable plastic means that the only thing between between you and a custom fitted ski boot is a 30 minute custom fitting process.


AdvantEDGE Hi-Top Shell Construction - Through the development of a lower shell that extends higher up your shin.  The key function of this technology is increasing the area of direct contact between the tongue of the liner and the lower shell of the boot (Head refers to these extensions of the lower shell as DuoFlex Drivers).



Perfect Fit HD Pro Liner - The foam used in the HD Pro liner makes a perfect compromise between comfort and power transfer. You aren’t looking for that race fit, but you’re definitely looking for a boot that gives you control over your skis. The Perfect Fit HD Pro Liner delivers the required snugness, but without the pain that you can have to endure in a more dense liner.



4 Spine Tech Buckles - Of course, these are micro adjustable buckles, an essential part of achieving a fit that is as unique as your foot. Spine Tech buckles take fit a step further with the incorporation of a hinge function. In most ski boots, the result of a strong closure is a compromised fit. This is the most common cause of pressure point pain. By integrating a flex point in the buckle, Head is able to engineer boots which maintain their intended, ergonomic shape, even when aggressively cranked down.


Additional Awesomeness

Easy Entry Shell Design - The strategic positioning of low density plastic prevents the boot from fighting you all the way on and off, even after prolonged exposure to below freezing temperatures.