Head - 2017 Primal Instinct




It seems like 2016 is under the sign of innovation at Head’s. They redesigned their lineup and release new series offering more performance and more pleasure to skiers. The new Instinct series incorporates all-mountain skis suited for riders who focus on fun and versatility. 


What can the Head Primal Instinct do? 


The Natural Instinct is the entry-level ski of the Instinct series. Designed for unexperienced skiers willing to discover the joys of skiing, it was made with forgiveness and progression in mind. The ski is so easy to move around that it feels as if you had been skiing it for ages. It’s light and agile, it manoeuvers with precision and timing and remains playful. Of course, it is not made for breaking speed records or freeriding on deep powder. It is made for smooth learning and pleasure. If the mountain looks scary and impressive to you, the Primal Instinct will show you it’s not and will teach you how to tame it. 


Who is the Head Primal Instinct designed for? 


If you have never skied before, the Primal Instinct is for you. From the first turn to mastering the technique of carving, the ski holds your hand and shows you the way. Perfect for beginners and intermediates looking for painless skiability. 


What are the main assets of the Head Primal Instinct? 





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