K2 - 2018 FIRST LITE

The K2 First Lite is a perfect snowboard for the true beginner rider who wants something that's easy to learn on but stable and supportive enough for progressing to an intermediate level. K2's Hybritech Construction makes the First Lite feel lightweight under your feet, but dives a firm edge into harder snow conditions. A Catch-Free Rocker Baseline provides a flat and stable platform under foot with slight rocker at the contact points so you can enter and exit a turn with minimal effort, and never catch an edge. The Full Wood Core is responsive at faster speeds, but has a nice and forgiving feel for easy control. Progress quicker and have more fun doing it with the K2 First Lite women's snowboard.


Directional Twin

3/4in (19mm) Setback

Hybritech Construction

Full Wood Core

Catch-Free Rocker Baseline