Louis Garneau - 2017 Men's Lemmon 2 Jersey

There are two extremes of cycling jerseys. At one pole, shapeless sacks festooned with colorful swoops and whorls; at the other, hammy prints that are 98% black and have become so lost in a vortex of self-reflexivity that they can't even decide if they're ironic or not. Louis Garneau takes the middle road with its Lemmon 2 Men's Jersey, which incorporates color without the former category's clown-vomit embellishment but isn't as unforgivingly race-fitting (and priced) as the latter.

The Lemmon 2's subtle aesthetics are displayed on a pair of materials: AirFit 2.0 and AirFit Mesh. LG describes the AirFit 2.0 as "peach skin," an apt descriptor for a fabric whose lightweight breathability and refreshing airflow is only matched by its silky softness. AirFit Mesh rides high at the collar and spans the underarms, adding yet more ventilation for an even airier ride.

A timelessly styled cycling jersey for warm summer spins

Silky, "peach skin" body fabric rides lightly and breathes well

Mesh inserts encourage ventilation when the temperature climbs

Four rear pockets include media routing for discreet jams

Side pockets angled for easier access while in the saddle

Reflective details help keep you visible on humid summer nights