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Louis Garneau

Louis Garneau 2019 Wapiti Unisex Bike Gloves

Sargasso Sea

The wapiti, more commonly known as elk, are majestic creatures, at home in the wilderness and a spectacular sight when you have the opportunity to see them in the wild. While riding and testing this new glove, before we had a name for it, we ran into wild elks on several different occasions. We thought it was pretty cool, so we named this glove the Wapiti in their honor. As for the technicality of the glove, it's a great all-purpose, full-finger glove that's at home on the mountain bike trail, riding gravel or cyclocross, and even as a great early fall and late spring glove. Its upper hand is with Highlander Mesh and offers great looking lines for clean aesthetics. The palm is a perforated, one-piece non-padded material with a silicone gripper that enables you to grab the bars confidently even in sketchy situations. This simple slip-on glove with a low wrist profile is definitely a great accessory to compliment your kit.

Technical Details

  • Upper Hand: Highlander Mesh
  • Palm: Perforated, one-piece and single-layer GTEX synthetic leather - Strategically-placed silicone print - Tactile areas
  • Gloves Features: Simple, slip-on desig