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Marker - 2017 16:9

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The 16:9 has less frame, more lens. It offers all the advantages of the BIG PICTURE, but in a somewhat smaller package ƒ?? although the field of vision is only minimally reduced. Its classical form, combined with the finest technical features, makes it a timeless ƒ??always and everywhereƒ?? goggle that fits every face shape. All 16:9+ are delivered with interchangeable lenses that are easy to swap in and out.



+ NMT Optics (3rd Eyelid)

+ Dual Bionomic Spherical Lenses

+ Xdry Triple Layer MAP Face Foam

+ MarkAIR Vent System

+ Superfit Frame Design

+ 45MM Strap with Silicon Anti-Slip Coating

+ Also Available with Polarized Lenses

+ 100% Compatibility with Helmet

+ Neoprene Box Plus Microfiber Bag