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Ride - 2018 MANIC

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Don't let the name of this Ride board fool you. Manic doesn't mean unstable, but if you are unstable - the Manic will help you feel more stable at speed and that's a Sam Beauregarde guarantee. It's an all-mountain deck that's awesome for weekend warriors looking for something that they can check off various trails with. Lots of rocker in the tip and tail makes it really floaty and easy to control, while a flat top connecting the rocker zones gives you total stability to never have you feeling out of control. The Ride Manic is light, fun and forgiving with enough guts to hold even heavier guys on steeper, more icy slopes.  




Is this a good board for beginners?


Absolutely. the flat shape of the board makes it almost impossible to catch an edge and will provide a really steady ride that’s perfect for getting into the groove of things. That being said, it’s still got enough power in the construction that if you buy it as your first board now, you won’t feel like you’ve outgrown it and already need a new one in two years. 


At what size should I think about getting a wide board?


In addition to regular width models, the Manic also comes in three different wide models: 157, 160, and 164 centimeters. The most important factor in determining if you need a wide model is the size of your boots. If you wear boots that are a size 11 (29 cm) or higher, it’s definitely worth thinking about getting a wider board. The other thing to consider is stance angles, by riding at higher angles (more duck stance) you can mitigate toe drag. If you’re a size 11 boot with a zero angle stance, or a 12+ who rides duck, then a wide board might be the right call.  



Slimewalls - This super durable urethane based sidewall gives the snowboard a smooth and fluid feel over any snow condition.



Foundation Tuned Core - A full wood core gives the Ride Manic all mountain durability and a solid stable feel.


Ride Rocker Shaping

All Mountain Rocker - Directional Rocker that features more rocker in the tip than tail with a flat zone under foot. By having more rocker in the tip, the snowboard can attack and dominate anything in its path. The flat area gives you stability on hardpack and groomed snow.



Biaxial Glass - Gives the Manic a super fun, predictable flex.


Linear Carbon - Ride adds carbon for ollie pop and all-mountain playfulness.


Base / Edges

Fusion 1500 Base - A durable, low maintenance base that will keep you cruising by your buddies all season long.



With a board that has more forgiving and flexible feel, it’s going to make sense to choose a binding that has a similar profile. Feel free to give any of the experts here at The Ski Monster a call at 617.275.2561 and we’ll be happy to help you out with a choosing a binding that makes sense for you.