Ride - 2017 Hellcat

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Built for the chick that isnƒ??t afraid to drop in with the guys, the Hellcat

is one part sass and two parts badass. Naughty or nice, happy or sad,

whatever youƒ??re feeling the Hellcat is one all-mountain powerhouse,

ready to conquer the highs and lows, steeps and flats. A newly tapered

directional shape, the Hellcat makes powder its bitch and carving its

business. This board is built for speed, agility, turning, and stopping, all

on a dime. The Hybrid Camber design and Carbon Array 5 will take a

badass chick to the top of any mountain and let her slay pillows to pipes.

Hands down, this board is built






ƒ??ƒ?? Tapered Directional Hybrid Camber

ƒ??ƒ?? Popwallsƒ?› Slimewalls??

ƒ??ƒ?? Roll In Slimewalls??

ƒ??ƒ?? Performanceƒ?› Core

ƒ??ƒ?? Carbon Arrayƒ?› 5 Laminates

ƒ??ƒ?? Cleave Edgeƒ?› Steel

ƒ??ƒ?? Hybrid Glass

ƒ??ƒ?? Fusion 4000ƒ?› Base

ƒ??ƒ?? 2x4 Inserts?ÿ



Feel - 4/10