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Rossignol 2017 X-IUM Classic WCS C3 White Base NIS Ski


Part of the X-IUM range that develops material to take ski champions to new peaks, the Rossignol X-IUM CLASSIC WCS C3 WHITE BASE is a blend of expertise and innovation.

Used by the world's top athletes in Classic competition, this ski is specially designed for use on wet snow. Its white base gives it great glide on this kind of snow.

The Bi-edge concept and its specific tuning makes it possible to combine easy grip with great glide. Its medium camber also performs very well on wet snow.


Construction :

- Sidecut: 44 //

- 3D Profile: Better homogeneity of the structure. Optimum control of the ski on snow.

- Construction: BI EDGE, Activ'cap

- Core: Honeycomb structure. Very lightweight material with excellent compression and resistance.

- Numeric finish: This base preparation technology offers a limitless range of ready-to-ski finishes that will improve glide.

- Base tuning: R 9001 / WET (white base)

- Use: wet snow

- Plate: NIS-7 Black.


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