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Sidecut - Pocket Diamond Stone 70mm x 25mm

Diamond Stone/File - 70mm x 25mm (2.7"x1")

  • 200 grit (red) = Course. Best for sharpening & removing larger burrs. This stone will sharpen your edges without using a file first. These are the best diamond stones on the market. It's a good idea to carry in your pocket for a quick hand sharpen or remove a burr.
  • 400 grit (orange) = Medium. A good in between stone for sharpening and finishing.
  • 600 grit (black) = Fine. Best for side and base edge polishing and finishing.
  • 1000 grit (blue) = Very Fine. For finishing to a high polish, precision edges.

For best performance all diamond files can be used with either water or SIDECUT oil for optimum sharpening and polishing characteristics.

All stones come with high quality, non flexible, flat (important) aluminum backing plate that is colour anodized and laser-etched. Highly recommended and preferred by technicians. Replaceable diamond strips can easily be removed and replaced to save you money. Note: Flexible or plastic backing plates on Diamond Stones are not advisable for precision tuning. For best results use with SIDECUT polishing oil. Oil improves polish and speed of edges, longevity and clean up time of all your Diamond Stones.


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