Smith - 2018 Vantage

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The Smith Vantage is always a top selling helmet for any type of rider. Smiths Aerocore Construction has excellent ventilation, reduced weight, lower volume, and better impact resistance. The Koroyd is made with thousands of co-polymer extruded tubes that can crinkle on impact, but absorb energy to protect your head. 21 Vents are controlled by the Dual Regulator Adjustable Climate Control that easily allow you to fine tune the amount of air that can flow through the helmet to keep you cool and comfortable. The AirEvac 2 System has channels that run from the brim out through the back of the Vantage that help circulate air inside the frame of your goggles and prevent fogging. The Ultra-Lightweight feel is due to the Koroyd and Hybrid Construction that cause the Vantage to only weigh 17.5 ounces. Smiths Nanosilver Performance Lining wick moisture away from your head, and prevents that itchy feeling after a long day killing it on the slopes.


Aerocore Construction with Koroyd

Hybrid Shell Construction

Low-Profile Dual Regulator Adjustable Climate Control

21 Vents

Adjustable Boa FS360 Fit System

Nanosilver Performance Lining

AirEvac 2 Ventilation

17.5 oz