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Swix 2021 TRIAC 4.0 AERO Poles

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Swix Triac 4.0 Aero is the result of continues research, testing, analyzes, experimental trials and process improvements. Performance and nothing else has been the focus. The new tube has a complete new cross section giving optimum stiffness properties and reduced windrag. Stiffness is increased with more than 15% versus its predecessor Triac 3.0. Wind tunnel testing confirms up to 20% reduced drag coefficient in critical areas of the tube compared to tubes with a cylindrical cross section. The Swix Triac Aero is 100 % adoptable to the Swix TBS and TCS systems allowing top performance in all possible conditions.

Being the only ski pole manufacturer in the world offering composite shafts with complex cross sections and geometries SWIX always strive to take advantage of this technology in the search of the optimal ski pole. After years of development work in close collaboration with vendors and research centers, advanced simulations, countless tests, experimental trials and process improvements, we are proud to present a completely new ski pole. The new cross section offers optimum stiffness properties and reduced wind drag.

Specifications; Stiffness: 21 mm, Shaft weight: 56 gr/m, Strength: 70 kp, Total weight 155 cm pole: 136 grams. Length 135-180 cm, 2,5 cm interval.