Yonex - Tour Super 850 Pro Racquet String

Yonex - Tour Super 850 Pro Racquet String

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A crisp feeling multifilament with a special Spin coating. Offers a high level of playability and is a solid choice for players seeking a solid and crisp response from the stringbed. We have also found this string to offer exceptional control and ball feel as well as good access to spin.

Please Note: In its new packaging this string no longer has the word 'Spin' printed on the packet. Instead it has the word 'Feel.' However, the string is unchanged and still features the same Power Spin coating.


Gauge: 16 / 1.32mm

Length: 39 feet / 12m

Composition: Ultra-thin blended nylon multifilament core, ultra-thin double winding wraps and a Spin coating.

Color: Natural