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Fraudulent Kunstadt Sports Websites

Over the past year we have been fighting to take down fake/scam website(s) impersonating Kunstadt Sports. Once we successfully manage to get them taken down, another one inevitably comes along and tries to take money from our customers.

There is only ONE Kunstadt Sports website and that is KUNSTADT.COM. We have many other alias urls (like but they all point to KUNSTADT.COM.

If you find yourself looking at a new pair of skis for an unbelievable price at a website like (now taken down) please make sure to look for tell tale signs of scam websites HERE.

Individuals who believe they have been the victim of a scam or fraud should be directed to report the incident to the relevant organization(s), including but not limited to:

  • Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (Fraud Reporting System);
  • local law enforcement;
  • their financial institution;
  • the platform or website on which the fraud occurred; and
  • a credit bureau, such as Equifax and TransUnion.



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