For over 20 years Kunstadt Sports has been providing the Ottawa area with exceptional service for all things ski and snowboard. While we have a reputation for our high quality ski & snowboard repair shop we also carry some of the best snowboard brands in the world. With new and returning brands for sale, we think this years line up is going to be the best yet!
K2 - 2017 Lil' Kandi Grom Package
The K2 Lil Kandi Snowboard is just the setup to get your little girl up and running. A learning-friendly softer flex and K2 s famous Catch-Free Baseline mean less time spent groveling and more time sliding. If you want her to enjoy the sport as much as her parents, latch on to the Lil Kandi and just watch her rip.
K2 - 2017 Kandi Board
Ski school not cutting it? Let her rip beside you all day long on the K2 Kandi Snowboard instead. Featuring a Catch-Free rocker outline and twin-tip shape, she'll be banking turns and slashing pow harder than you ever imagined. Plus, it's got butterflies on the base. Who doesn't like butterflies?
K2 - 2017 Vandal Board
Let your dude run free on the K2 Vandal Snowboard. Featuring a true twin outline and a freestyle-oriented rocker, the Vandal can handle any sort of terrain, any time of the day. And thanks to the fluid flex pattern, you'll be wondering just how the heck your little one now has better style than you do. Let the wild rumpus begin.
K2 - 2017 WWW
It's a battleground out there, and those heavy down-flat closeouts won't take themselves down. Step to big-time features with confidence with the K2 WWW Snowboard. Thanks to a JibTipƒ?› shape that enhances edge contact and cuts down on swing weight, you'll have the stable platform under your feet and predictable performance when you find yourself staring down the barrel of an intimidating feature.
K2 - 2017 Subculture Wide
Lifted Baseline / A raised mid-section for an active camber feel Ollie Bar / Carbon mid-section ollie power Sintered 4000 / Fast, durable and easy to repair Precision Lifted Baseline / Smooth blended tips with a lifted flat mid-section True Twin outline Setback Stance - 3/4" (19mm)
K2 - 2017 Subculture
Lifted Baseline / A raised mid-section for an active camber feel Ollie Bar / Carbon mid-section ollie power Sintered 4000 / Fast, durable and easy to repair Precision Lifted Baseline / Smooth blended tips with a lifted flat mid-section True Twin outline Setback Stance - 3/4" (19mm)
K2 - 2017 Bottle Rocket
?ÿComin' at ya hotter than a Wolf Pack screamer, the K2 Bottle Rocket Snowboard is designed to propel your park riding into the stratosphere. Whether you need a solid jump board, or a battle axe for the cold hard streets, the K2 Bottle Rocket will have you whistling with confidence when you step to something big. Lightweight ICG Glass and an Ollie Bar backbone combine for smooth even flex and efficient power transfer. And with a catch-free Freestyle Baselineƒ?› rocker, you'll never hook an edge on those back rodeo sets again. K2 came out blazing for 2017 with the dominating funstick for whatever feature lies ahead.
GNU - 2017 Ladies Choice
Jamie Anderson has stomped more gold medal runs on her Ladies Choice C2 snowboard than any other lady. Her unreal perfection is unmatched, much like her snowboard. ƒ??Do what you love, love what you doƒ?? are words she lives by. Achieve supreme balance through asymmetry on the Ladies Choice.?ÿ ?ÿ
GNU- 2017 Head Space
Forestƒ??s asymmetrical freestyle dream machine the Head Space snowboard rules for both frontside and backside. With C3 (camber built for snowboarders) the Headspace is responsible at high speeds but also has enough flex and playfulness to be the life of the party. Known to get down on the rails and off the walls the Head Space is your perfect all day, all terrain, all mixers wingman of a board. Art by the mystical urban acrylic soul ranger himself, Forest Bailey. Ride a Bailey ride like Bailey, or at least get in the same Head Space.?ÿ ?ÿ
GNU - 2017 Eco Choice
The Riders Choice gets an eco materials upgrade and an Unreal pro to perfect it. Like all Mervin snowboards, the Eco Choice C2 snowboard by Nicolas Muller is handbuilt in the USA in the most environmental snowboard factory. Clear Bio Beans topsheets show through to the fast growing FSC certified wood core. Water based inks, non-toxic resins and recycled sidewall plastics complete this eco upgrade and add to the proven performance of the Riders Choice series.?ÿ ?ÿ
GNU - 2017 Finsanity 1984
The Gnu Finsanity 1984 may just be the greatest remake of a snowboard model ever! This board is designed off one of Gnu's original boards they produced in 1984 and comes equipped with real aluminium tail fins for better control in that deep deep pow! Gnu also threw some new age tech with their C2 camber and magne-traction for a board that takes the best of the past and the future and packages into a present for you. ?ÿ
GNU - 2017 Riders Choice
The Riders Choice C2 snowboard is a smart choice for unreal freestyle action. Award winning, contest winning, unreal perfection on the whole mountain. Rider designed for bros or pros, endorsed by the most unreal bros and pros in snowboarding. PROVEN AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF FREERIDING AND COMPETITION UNREAL PERFORMANCE IN ALL CONDITIONS AND TERRAIN ?ÿ ?ÿ
Lib Tech - 2017 Hot Knife
The Hot Knife is back with its original power construction and C3 Banana Technology all designed specifically around how you activate your snowboard. An all mountain carving destroyer provides unreal edge control on ice and hardpack and incredible power, pop and stability and a little extra float in pow. ?ÿ Rocker Type: Camber ƒ?? Mild Rocker ƒ?? Camber ?ÿ Flex: Medium ?ÿ Shape: Mild Cambered Twin Freestyle ?ÿ Core: Aspen/ Columbian Gold ?ÿ Laminate: Tri-ax/ Bi-ax ?ÿ Sidewall: Ultra High Molecular Weight Sintered Sidewalls. Birch Internal Sidewalls ?ÿ Base: Sintered` ?ÿ Edges: Magne-Traction. ?ÿ Top sheet: Eco Sub PBT
Lib Tech - 2017 Utility Knife
The brand new Utility Knife C3 snowboard is designed to rip the entire mountain with an aggressive jib freestylerƒ??s progressive eye. The worldƒ??s best camber incorporates a little rocker between your feetƒ?? this isnƒ??t skiing... this is skateboarding. ?ÿ ?ÿ ?ÿ ƒ?› JIB AND CREATIVE FREESTYLE TERRAIN FOCUSED ?ÿ ƒ?› C3 PERFORMANCE... THE WORLDƒ??S BEST CAMBER ?ÿ ?ÿ ?ÿ Art by Sticky ?ÿ ?ÿ ?ÿ C3 ƒ?? Aggression ?ÿ Control / Precision / Power ?ÿ The worldƒ??s best camber ?ÿ Jamie Lynn and Fredi Kƒ??s favorite. Camber engineered for snowboarding. ?ÿ ?ÿ ?ÿ Effortless Edge Hold ?ÿ MAGNE-TRACTION?? ?ÿ Serrated Steak Knife Technology ?ÿ ?ÿ ?ÿ OP ƒ?? Original Power Construction ?ÿ Light - environMENTALLY nice ƒ?? Strong ?ÿ ƒ?› CORE: ASPEN / COLUMBIAN GOLD ?ÿ ƒ?› GLASS: TRI-AX / BI-AX FIBER ?ÿ ƒ?› TOP: Eco Sub PBT ?ÿ ƒ?› BASE: TNT ?ÿ ƒ?› BIRCH INTERNAL SIDEWALLS ?ÿ ƒ?› UHMW...
Lib Tech - 2017 Sk8 Banana 10Yr
Celebrate 10 years of revolutionary high performance snowboard design with this 10 year aniversary Skate Banana with original graphics from 2007 and throback Lib Tech Flower Pot topsheet. Combination was first introduced on the skate banana and snowboarding has never been the same. Contours Designed specifically to make snowboards work effortlessly. Rocker between your feet brings to life the middle of your boardƒ?? better carving, better float, better edge hold and control. Cambers from your feet to The contacts provide pop, precision and control. ƒ??Keep your banana between your legsƒ??. ?ÿ ?ÿ 10 Year anniversary og twin all terrain fun celebration ƒ?› Ripping the resort & pow is easy on a skate banana ƒ?› Revolutionary award winning geometries and contours
Rossignol - 2017 Myth Amptek
Easy, budget-friendly, freestyle fun packed with confidence-boosting AmpTek Auto-Turn. The MYTH's TwinFreestyle flex provides an easy-to-manipulate ride no matter which direction you slide. And with no-catch AmpTek edge control, comfortable park and pipe progression comes stock.
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