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Custom Ski Boot Fitting


At Kunstadt Sports not only do we sell some of the best ski boots on the market, we also have some of the best trainedski boot technicians in the region.

Our staff can make some of the most common adjustments in order to help your ski experience be as comfortable as possible.

  • Boot Flex
  • Forward Lean
  • Footbed
  • Boot Liner
  • Lateral Upper-Cuff Adjustment
  • Outer Shell

Ski Boot Shell Fitting

The purpose of boot shell fitting is to establish the amount of space left in the boot between the shell and the foot, to be filled by the liner. Different skier types require different tightness and therefore a different shell fit.

Ski Boot Fitting

The final procedure in boot fitting is the actual fitting of a boot complete with a liner. This is the ultimate test that should give the user a clear impression of how the boot will perform on snow and what level of comfort it will provide.

Minor Boot Adjustments

Punching and Grinding

After using new boots for a period of time, it may be necessary to perform small adjustments to eliminate “sore points” that may develop and/or align boot cuffs etc. Small sore points can be eliminated by adjusting the boot to make room for the parts of anatomy that prove to be troublesome. This can be accomplished by localized heat stretching (punching) using specialized tools or alternatively, grinding the inside of the shell. It is highly recommended to ski enough prior to making these adjustments to make sure they are indeed necessary as they are irreversible in many cases.

Cuff Alignment

In order to adjust the boot cuff to align the upper and lower leg, most advanced ski boots have adjustable cams where the cuff is attached to the lower boot. It is highly recommended to use personal foot beds for this procedure if they are available.


To schedule a boot fitting appointment today, send an email to race@kunstadt.com