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Ski & Snowboard Service - Tune up and repair

We tune & repair Alpine Skis, Nordic Skis & Snowboards

It is a known fact that only a well tuned ski or a snowboard can give the skier/rider the ultimate satisfaction. A sharp edge gives the desired optimal reaction on hard snow surfaces, and makes the ski/board smooth and responsive. A well prepared base is receptive to waxes and makes the ski/board easy to control. Conversely, even the best, most expensive, most advanced ski/board when out of tune, delivers a guaranteed disappointment to the athlete. Only a tuned piece of equipment can perform the way its designers intended it to perform.


Just bring your skis into one of our locations during store hours. Turnaround time varies per location.


P-Tex Base Repair  $10 + up
Base patch / Base weld $20 + up
Custom Hot Wax $25
Custom Edge Sharpen $25
Binding Installation $29.99
Binding Adjustment/Calibration $19.99
Binding Remount $34.99
Helicoil Hole Repair  $5/hole
Pine Tar XC Ski Treatment $50
Custom XC Base Grind and Wax $25