Tennis Racquet Services

Kunstadt Sports' racquet service is second to none, your racquet will always be precision strung by a tennis expert, in the shortest time humanly possible. Often, we string racquets “while you wait”, no matter whether you are in Kanata, South Bank Street or our new store in the Glebe. We have the Babolat Star 5 state-of-the-art stringers in both our Bank Street stores!!! You will experience new levels of precision in string tension, and we enjoy the ease of operating this high-tech masterpiece. The Star 5 is a serious effort by Babolat to make an exceptionally proficient true constant-pull stringing machine available to serious stringers that have customer satisfaction on their minds.

Tennis Racquet Stringing Pricing


    Racquet Re-Gripping

    • Re-gripping included when you buy any grip in store
    • $10 if you bring in your own grip

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