Ski Accessories

We carry high quality ski accessories such as Helmets, Goggles, ski poles and ski tuning supplies. Some of our great brands include: Smith, Line Skis, KUU, Swix, Leki, POC, Shred, Vonzipper and many more!

Ski Accessories
Sidas - 2017 Pro Heat Pack (batteries only)
Pro batteries are the more efficient heating system for the feet.   Extra-powerful, they provide up to 9 hours of constant and homogeneous warmth. They are compact, with 3 levels of heat to suit your heating and easy to clip on your shoes.   Their patent pending technology allows to dry the Sidas insoles while charging.
Sidas - 2017 H Element + Top Cover
The custom designed insole. Includes Custom Conform’able coverings and warming elements for insoles. In the shop, the boot-fitter expert fully adjusts the insoles to the feet and the sport, with the added comfort of warmth. Works with Conform’able batteries.The pack includes 2 top covers and 2 heating elements.   Compatible With:   Designed for SIDAS battery pack (NOT INCLUDED) This pack includes 2 top covers, and two heating elements
Sidas - 2017 Volcano Heat Insoles
The warming 3D insole combines high-performing warming elements for real thermal comfort, and also provides exceptional support and cushioning of the foot. Works with Conform’able batteries.
Booster - 2017 Booster Strap
Booster Straps give you the maximum ski boot performance, extraordinary ski control and shin protecting shock-absorption
Kunstadt - 2017 Boot Backpack by Landau
Sportube - 2017 Sport Tube Hard Case
Situated high in the Rocky Mountains Vail Valley, Colorado, Sportube has been a manufacturer of hard sided ski & snowboard travel cases and travel accessories since 1995. Manufactured in the USA, Sportube hard cases are strong, durable, lightweight; manufactured from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) that will stand up to any challenge that they face. With over 20 years of experience in providing travel solutions, Sportube has taken that valuable knowledge and introduced a line of specially designed soft ski bags and padded gear and boot bags. Sportube is committed to offering products with the best protection available, the soft, padded ski bags offer Gear Shield Technology ™; a hard plastic sheath of HDPE that protects the tips and tails of your skis while in transit. Unlike the competition, our boot & gear bags are padded to offer unmatched protection when checking your gear at the airport; allowing for peace of...
Sync - 2017 Boot Backpack
Internal fleece lined pocket Tuck away ski boot holders PE sheet back support Waistband pockets for extra storage Extrior zip away helmet carrier Laptop sleeve 1600 CU IN/26 Liters
Head - 2017 Monster Jr
Elan - 2017 Sky Poles
PROFILE Alu 7075 TUBE ??14mm LENGTH (cm) 95-125 COLOR white GRIP UNI Jr. white STRAP Special BASKET/TIP Ring 2P 50mm + steel ?ÿ
Elan - 2017 Jett Poles
PROFILE Alu 6013 TUBE ??14mm LENGTH (cm) 70-110 GRIP JR/07 black STRAP Strip 15x400 BASKET/TIP Tip 21P 45mm + steel
Elan - 2017 Explore Poles
PROFILE Alu 5083 TUBE ??18mm LENGTH (cm) 110-135 GRIP PE Black STRAP Strip 20x560 BASKET/TIP Ring 1P 50mm + steel
Elan - 2017 Speed Poles
PROFILE Alu 6013 TUBE ??16mm LENGTH (cm) 110-135 COLOR white GRIP Bidensity black/white STRAP Special BASKET/TIP Ring 2P 50mm + stee
Armada - 2017 Triad
Ski Poles aren't complicated. Are they comfortable to hold? Do they have pole straps? Is there a pointy end? Great, you're golden. The aluminum Triad Ski Poles from Armada have all of these things, and nothing else. Because they're ski poles. You can stick 'em in the ground, push to the lift, and give your buds daps. You need a pair, so you might as well snag a pair that look pretty alright, too. Pick your size, and be on your way with the Armada Triad Ski Poles. ?ÿ PRODUCT DETAILS SHAFT ?ÿ 18mm 5083 Aluminum Shaft ?ÿ GRIP ?ÿ Logo Grip ?ÿ STRAP ?ÿ Standard Webbing Strap ?ÿ BASKET ?ÿ 50mm Basket ?ÿ TIP ?ÿ Steel Tip ?ÿ ADDITIONAL FEATURES ?ÿ Interchangeable Basket System
Armada - 2017 Legion
The durable Armada Legion Ski Poles come in shorter lengths so you don't have to boil the grips off and chop them down with your hacksaw, and the Velcro Race Strap offers a wide range of adjustability. Plant a pole and stand tall knowing you've got the original freeski brand's Armada Legion Ski Poles to prop you up. ?ÿ PRODUCT DETAILS SHAFT ?ÿ 18mm 7075 Aluminum Shaft ?ÿ GRIP ?ÿ Logo Grip ?ÿ STRAP ?ÿ Velcro Adjust Race Strap ?ÿ BASKET ?ÿ 50mm Basket ?ÿ TIP ?ÿ Steel Tip ?ÿ ADDITIONAL FEATURES ?ÿ Interchangeable Basket System
Armada - 2017 Ritter Duffle
Backpack straps Meets TSA requirements Internal clothing and gear separators
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