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Elan 2022 WINGMAN 76 C PS Ski + EL 10.0 GW SHIFT BLK/GRN B85 DB585418 Binding


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The Elan Wingman 76 C skis with bindings are an awesome choice for beginner and intermediate level skiers who are looking for their first setup to get them through the levels, advancing and having more fun. There's a lot to like about these skis and bindings, and as usual for Elan, they have some fun tricks up their sleeves. Elan believes in the asymmetry of skiing, and they show that in the way they build skis. By defining a specific right and left ski, they are able to build and shape the skis according to the needs of each side of the skier. By placing more material over the inside edges and portions of the skis, they are able to get more precision and power to the edges while leaving the outside edges, which aren't used as much, freer to slide and move alongside that more powerful inside edge.

Even for beginner and intermediate skiers, this makes a huge difference in the way of smoothness of turns. It's not too often that entry-level skis like this get the advantage of that high-end build technology like this, and skiers are the beneficiaries of these results. With carbon boosting the stiffness of the skis, you're getting a top-end feel and performance, even at a price point that a lot of beginner and entry-level skiers will love. If you're looking to skip the rental line and head straight to the lift line, check out the Elan Wingman 76 C skis with bindings.Features:

  • Sidecut: 123/76/102
  • Turn Radius: 13.1 meters at 160
  • Wood Core with Carbon
  • EL 10 GW Bindings
  • Amphibio Profile
  • Trueline Technology