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About Kunstadt Sports

Kunstadt Sports Ottawa

Specializing in Alpine & Nordic Ski, Cycling and Tennis equipment. At Kunstadt Sports, you will find all the gear required to excel at your sport during all four seasons.


Kunstadt Sports specializes in ski, bike and tennis equipment.  We service all makes and models of bicycles, we tune skis & snowboards using Wintersteiger machines and equipment. At all three locations! Every day of the year, you can get your hockey or figures skates sharpened while you wait..
Kunstadt Sports has been stringing racquets since 1988.


Kunstadt Sports started back in the 1980s when Eric and Ron were teenagers. With Peter, their dad, they shopped local flea markets for used bicycles, then rebuilt and resold them.  The boys were competitive skiers and tennis players.  Re-stringing their tennis racquets on a weekly basis was becoming an expensive proposition.  In 1988, they purchased a stringing machine and at the same time, started to offer stringing services to others.  Kunstadt Sports was born in the basement of the Kunstadt home!  When winter came along, the Kunstadts expanded the business to ski tuning.  Personal attention to customers has always been an important feature.  In the summer of 1993 Eric and Ron expanded their ski tuning and racquet stringing business to include new & used sporting equipment and moved the business from the family basement to a small corner of the building in a strip mall on Hazeldean Road in Kanata.  A real sports store was launched!  Peter kept his full time job for the next decade while also working evenings, nights and holidays in the store. When Monica’s husband Jon retired from being a professional football player with Toronto Argonauts, she joined the business full time as well. Today, Kunstadt Sports is proud to serve the sporting public with Bikes, Tennis, Ski & Snowboard equipment & accessories as well as related apparel from quality brands. Today, Kunstadt Sports is a leading sports retail institution in Ottawa, with their three major stores and an on-line store. 

We have come a long way from the tiny operation in the Kunstadt family basement!

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