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Kunstadt Sports dedicates over half of its floor space to our tech shop. Not seen in plain view, our technicians are always in the back, working away on the gear of the season. Whether it's skis, bikes, snowboards, or tennis racquets, our technicians provide elite level service on all makes and models.

Bicycle Repair

Kunstadt Sports has dedicated over half of our floor space to one of the most important parts of bicycle sales: A great service shop! Our experienced technicians do everything from minor repairs to kids' bikes right up to full disassembly and rebuilding of elite level equipment. We are the service of choice of such prestigious events as the Preston Road Races, the Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour and others. We could not be prouder of our bicycle service department. In all our stores, the young people taking care of your precious bicycle are very professional mechanics. Many of them are also accomplished bicycling competitors. We have been servicing bicycles at the Preston Street Road Races, the Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour and others, ever since their inauguration. You can rest assured your bicycle is in good hands at Kunstadt Sports.

Tennis Racquet Service

At Kunstadt Sports, our tennis service is second to none. With the largest selection of tennis string in the Ottawa area, we proudly re-string all makes and models. Each of our stores is equipped with the Babolat 5-Star stringers to ensure a precise and consistent stringing service each time. We also provide re-gripping services, re-sizing of grips, and weighting services.

Skate Sharpening

We are known to give skates all the respect they deserve. Our machines are always well maintained, our wheels are perfectly dressed and every skate that leaves our store is a masterpiece in its own right. That’s why accomplished hockey players and figure skaters keep returning to our experts for service. We can also profile your skates to your personal preference on our CAG ONE profiling machines.

Ski and Snowboard Service

Unique to Kunstadt Sports is our Wintersteiger Ski and Snowboard tuning machines. Each of our locations has a Wintersteiger machine. These pieces of equipment will restore your ski or snowboard to a better than factory state. With customized edge angles, and a perfectly level, stone ground base, you can optimize your ski experience in all conditions.

Not only do we specialize in tuning skis and snowboards, we also provide binding calibrations for our customers. Our most notable feature in the service department is our Wintersteiger automated ski and snowboard tuning machine. Committing to this professional tune-up results in bases looking as they did originally from the factory they were produced in. Seeing is believing, so come and see one of our technicians in action.