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How do you choose the right size ski?

Kunstadt Sports can size you for the perfect ski setup, whether you are a beginner or an expert. Our staff are trained to ensure you get the optimal fit for your skills and style. 


    • You are an Advanced Level skier who LOVES SPEED!
    • Your weight is higher than the average weight/height ratio
    • You want Twin Tip Skis
    • Your ski choice has a high rocker tip
  • You should DOWNSIZE your skis if:

    • You are a Beginner Level skier (Shorter skis are easier to control)
    • Your weight is lower than the average weight/height ratio.
    • You prefer better turn control at the expense of speed

ski sizing guide

Skier's Height (FT,IN) Skier's Height (CM) Suggested Ski Length (CM)
3' 94cm 70-80cm
3'3" 102cm 80-90cm
3'5" 109cm 90-100cm
3'7" 114cm 100-110cm
3'9" 119cm 105-115cm
4'1" 127cm 110-120cm
4'4" 132cm 115-130cm
4'6" 137cm 125-140cm
4'8" 142cm 130-145cm
4'10" 147cm 135-150cm
5' 152cm 140-155cm
5'2" 158cm 145-165cm
5'4" 163cm 150-170cm
5'6" 168cm 155-175cm
5'8" 173cm 160-180cm
5'10" 178cm 165-185cm
6' 183cm 170-190cm
6'2" 188cm 175-195cm
6'4" 193cm 180-200cm