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Goggle Soc Goggle Covers

Lens not lasting?

A gogglesoc is a protective microfiber cover for your ski or snowboard goggles. Use it to clean and protect. One size fits all (mostly). Easy on, easy off.

a gogglesoc is a one size fits 'most' product. There are some goggle sizes that a gogglesoc does not work so well on. We do not recommend purchasing gogglesocs for childrens goggles (age 5 and under).

Knit Soc
Deer Soc
Skull Soc
Mystic Soc
Panda Soc
Spine Soc
Misty Soc
Galactic Soc
Arcade Soc
Bad Kitty Soc
Black Soc
Beer Soc
Aurora Soc
7th Heaven Soc
Hawaiian Soc
Husky Soc
Pina Soc
Dalmation Soc
Freedom Soc
Huba Soc
Funny Soc
Poop Soc
Cool Soc
Monster Soc
Pirate Soc
Canuck Soc
Glacier Soc
Carve Soc
Alpenglow Soc
Island Soc
Soar Soc
Ink Soc
Gondy Soc
Paint Soc
Apres Soc
Cube Soc
Nebula Soc
Marble Soc
Geo Soc
Sendy! Soc
Hazy Soc
Flight Soc
Moonrise Soc
Moon Dust Soc

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