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Boa Ski & Snowboard Boots

Boa Ski & Snowboard Boots

BOA was born in the Rocky Mountains in 2001 with a revolutionary performance fit system that transformed how snowboarders “dialed in” their boots. From the highest peaks to the valley floors, and beyond, we are passionate about inspiring and enabling you to perform at your best.

The BOA Fit System is a revolutionary and award-winning, patented system integrated on market-leading brand partner products, making the world’s best gear even better. BOA’s innovative solutions are designed to deliver micro-adjustable, precision fit engineered to perform in the toughest conditions. Whether snowboarding in the Colorado backcountry, Alpine touring in Austria, participating in the Tour de France, competing in an ultra trail competition, hiking Mount Fuji, golfing at Augusta, or working in extreme outdoor conditions in northern Finland, BOA helps consumers perform at their peak.

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