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Atlas 2022 Helium Trail Snowshoes

Take to the trails with Atlas’s Helium-TRAIL, an ultra-light composite snowshoe that’s certain to become your go-to for less extreme winter hikes. Also a great snowshoe for beginners, the Helium-TRAIL features the comfortable and easy-to-use Wrapp™ Trail binding which uses forefoot webbing straps and a TPU heel strap to provide a secure, full-foot fit. Not lacking in traction, the TRAIL crampon’s forefoot-aligned tempered steel tangs coupled with the steel traction rails provide the grip needed when trails become packed down or uneven. With a sleek design aesthetic and a reasonable price tag the Helium-TRAIL is certain to become a favorite of winter trailblazers worldwide!


23" (Unisex): 80 - 160 lbs

26" (Unisex): 150 - 220 lbs

30" (Unisex): 200 - 270+ lbs

*Load = User's Bodyweight + Gear


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