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Look - 2017 Nx Jr 7 Lifter B73

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Dynastar continues to build the highest quality laminate construction, handcrafted skis in the Chamonix Valley as it has for almost fifty years.


The most effective binding technology in alpine skiing delivers greater retention and coupling between boot and skis withou compromising release than any other binding in the sport.

Binding Technology:


Pivot Toes: Four points of contact with the boot provide maximum power transmission.


180 degrees multi-directional release capabilities.


High vertical and lateral elastic travel provide shock absorption and help reduce inadvertent release.


40mm lateral travel / Reinforced housing increases binding integrity.


Nova Heels: Lightweight composite materials aid in easier turn transitions, making skiing more fun.


Nova heel provides an easy step-in design.


Long lever arm makes exiting the bindings effortless. / 12mm of elastic travel.