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Madshus 2023 Redline Skate Ltd Ski

by Madshus
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SKU 196222110259

A lightweight, worldclass skate ski for warm and wet skiing conditions. A special base and specialized camber and construction are designed to maximize speed and improve performance in granular snow.

The Redline Skate LTD is a World Cup quality specialty skate ski featuring a brand new fluorocarbon-free base material which provides exceptional performance in specific snow conditions. This ski is at its best when the snow is warm, wet, and exhibits a rough granular structure, often referred to as corn snow due to the little clumps of snow that form when the snow repeatedly melts and refreezes. Everything about these skis has been designed for these specific conditions: progressive pressure zones to improve top speed, a unique laminate construction to more evenly distribute force through the pressure zones, and a long groove for improved stability over clumpy snow that is typical after multiple cycles of thawing and refreezing.

Size: 182 : 50-65

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