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Sidecut - Nanox Training Wax



Universal wax for training and base preparation for the highest ground speed with constant use.

  • Protects the base.
  • Lasts longer.
  • Fluoro free.
  • Super simple application.
  • Training wax 300 g for 25 - 30 pairs of skis.
  • Used by: Alpine ski racers, Free-riders, Snowboarders, Biathlon and X-Country skiers.


1) Drip the wax on the base by touching the wax to a pre-heated waxing iron.

2) Iron the wax in with 130° - 140°C / 266° - 284°F degrees (depending on which iron you use).

3) Remove the wax immediately with a scraper.

4) Polish the wax immediately with Nanox hard nylon brush using strong pressure.