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Sidecut - CFX II All in One Race Wax

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Ever get overwhelmed with the complexity and expense of your RACE wax system?

No need to with Nanox CFX II Race wax.

Here are several reasons competitive skiers & boarders use it: With Nanox CFX II you only need ONE race wax for all snow conditions & temperatures. With Nanox you cannot choose the wrong wax on race day. Nanox has the simplest & fastest application of any waxing system. Nanox CFXII lubricants have the highest & unequalled gliding properties of any race wax and is up to 5% faster on all snow types. CFX II stays in your base longer than other race waxes and is extremely resistant to abrasion yet still has minimal friction. It's non-toxic. Nanox CFX II race wax DOES NOT contain any Fluorocarbons. Saves you money because you're buying only 1 race wax not several colours and layers. 220 grams will wax 15-20+ pairs of adult skis or 20-25+ junior skis and 12-15 snowboards. Nanox CFXII is the lastest in Nanox race wax development and used for your competitions.