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Sidecut - World Cup Diamond Guide

World Cup Diamond Guides - not including Diamond Stone.

Precision machined aluminium guide, stainless steel glide plate and steel thumb knob specifically designed to hold SIDECUT Diamond Discs. Come in 92,93 and 94 degrees.

Diamond Guides are machined exactly the same as our File Guides and are colour matched. They are highly recommended because you can file with your File Guide, set it on your bench and then work with you Diamond Guide. This means there is no need to constantly exchange the File for the Diamond Stone when starting a new edge on the ski. Therefore you save time and can dedicate your Diamond Guides for polishing. Another advantage is that when you use oil or water (on diamond stones) there's no need to clean the File Guide each time you exchange the file for the stone(s). The Discs last longer than rectangular shaped Diamond Stones because you can easily spin the Disc, thereby using every bit of the Diamond surface. Carry in your pocket or pack and sharpen between runs. Also, the best tool to safely teach young children or beginners how to learn the mechanics of side edge tuning. Highly recommended.

Please remember to choose your Diamond Discs in 200, 400, 600 or 1000 grits to remove burrs, sharpen or polish - sold separately.


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